Battling Boredom: 99 Strategies to Spark Student Engagement

Drive boredom out of your classroom- and keep it out- with the student-engagement strategies in this book. You'll learn how to gain and sustain the attention of your students from the moment the bell rings.  Perfect for teachers of all subjects and grade levels, these activities go head-to-head with student boredom and disengagement, resulting in class time that's more efficient, more educational, and loads more fun!

Contents include:
  • Strategies to Begin a Lesson
  • Strategies to End a Lesson
  • Strategies for Solo/Independent Work
  • Strategies for the Whole Group
  • Strategies for Partners and Small Groups
  • Strategies for Student Movement
  • Bonus Strategies for Reluctant Learners

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What Educators are Saying:

"I enjoyed your session on Battling Boredom.  I will definitely implement many of your strategies in the fall session."
Connie K. - Tennessee

"Your session on Differentiating for the Teenage Brain was one of the best sessions I've attended in over 10 years."
Carol R. - Texas

"Thank  you for the fabulous seminars you did for us here in Memphis.  I  learned a lot from you and I'm sure my students will be happy that I  spent part of my summer attending such helpful training sessions."
Susan C. - Tennessee

"I wish I had learned this information about gender differences years ago.  What a difference it makes!" Tom T. - Texas

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75 Quick and Easy Solutions to Common Classroom Disruptions

This very well organized book is packed with practical solutions to the most common classroom problems such as side talking, rude behavior, calling out, students losing focus, and students refusing even to try. Every solution is classroom-tested, highly effective, and quick and easy to implement.

Contents include:
  • Interventions for Students Who Blurt Out in Whole Group
  • Interventions For Students Who Side Talk
  • Interventions for Students Who are Rude or Disrespectful
  • Interventions for Students Who Zone Out or Lack Focus
  • Interventions for Students Who Give Up Easily
  • Easy to Use Intervention Matrix